Super Undies

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We have two different Super Undies! Both are pull up trainers, but one version can snap down for sizing and has a removable insert (the cover + Insert option), the other (pull on cover) comes with absorbency and is like a regular pull up. Super Undies trainers bridges the gap between a diaper and undies. It's waterproof through the wetzone, but still allows the child to feel wet. The design of the insert sitting slightly away from your heroes body aids in potty training.  Inserts allow you to choose just the right amount of absorbency.

The New Super Undies Hybrid (cover & an insert)… 

  • Can be pulled up or down by any hero Snaps off in the event your hero begins leaking kryptonite 
  • Can be used multiple times between washes 
  • Saves lots of green over disposables 
  • Saves trees 
  • Looks not only like underwear, but really cool super hero kind! 
  • Can stand the rigors of… dun dun dun… NAPTIME! 
  • Fits nice and trim Has an outstandingly neat appearance 
  • Can hold multiple inserts for longer car trips or nighttime 

The Super Undies Pull On:

  • Can be pulled up and down easily
  • Saves a lot of green over disposables
  • Saves Trees
  • Looks like underwear and is on piece so it feels more like underwear
  • Nice and trim