Neetchers Birthday Bag!

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Help us celebrate our store's 11 YEARS in business!

In this bag is a bunch of fun stuff for you and your kids, to help us celebrate from a distance. If you take a picture using any of the items in the bag, or showing you got one, and post it on our facebook page, you'll be entered to win a $50 Gift Certificate to our store!!! These bags can be purchased for you to use, or purchased as a gift, in that case we can ship if needed.

In the Bag:

  • $5 Gift Certificate to Zenith Bookstore
  • Free Drink certificate to Wussow's Cafe
  • Craft to make Rock People (rocks, paint, paint brush, glitter glue, and googly eyes)
  • Craft to make Butterflies (Butterfly body, Wings, antennas, instructions)
  • Craft to Make homemade play dough (all ingredients included, just add water, & instructions)
  • Bubbles
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Balloons
  • Party pencils, and stickers
  • 3rd Street Bakery Cookies!
  • 1 Magnet Craft
  • Crackers, and some suckers
  • Glow stick bracelet