Haba, Town Maze Magnetic Game

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The colorful spheres are trying to find their way home - But they need your help navigating the city!

Slide the magnetic wand from its storage slot and start gliding it over the game-board's plastic cover to guide the spheres along the swirling, criss-crossing tracks.

You have to move each of the spheres to their matching-color apartment buildings - But look out! - Some of the roadways are blocked!

One of the roadblocks you have to slide along a track to move it out of the way while the other one, you have to spin it around and around to move one sphere at a time.

Do you have the dexterity and know-how to get all of the spheres home safe?

Designed beautifully with vibrant scenes and colorful buildings, vehicles, and signs, the Town Maze Magnetic Game will keep your little navigator learning and exploring for hours.

Town Maze Magnetic Game
  • Maze board designed like a city with tracks for moving magnetic spheres with a magnet
  • Encourages fine motor dexterity, visual spatial skills, counting, color-learning
  • A visual and tactile adventure for early learners
  • Use magnetic wand to guide colorful spheres along tracks
  • Organize spheres into their matching color apartment buildings
  • Use magnet to move roadblocks out of the way
  • Features roundabout roadblock - Spin to move one sphere at a time
  • Magnetic wand tethered to game-board by string - Features storage slot on side of board
  • Game board printed with vibrant scenery of buildings, vehicles, and more
  • Includes game-board, magnetic wand
  • High quality design and materials for lasting safety and durability