Green Sprouts Baby Food Freezer Tray

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Now you can safely freeze your fresh homemade baby food so you can use it later. Green Sprouts by iPlay has a Fresh Baby Food Freezer Tray can be used to store a variety of foods in baby-sized, individual portions (1 oz each).  Once the cubes are frozen, you can store them in other containers so you can use the tray again!

Fresh Baby Food Freezer Trays have clear lids for covering food and stacking trays. The trays flexibility allows for easy removal of food. The different colors available will help you with organization.

The Freezer Tray is made from petroleum-free silicone that is safe for your baby. They are durable, heat-resistant up to 425 degrees and unbreakable.

PVC free, phthalate free and nitrosamine free.  Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Dimensions:  7" x 4" x 1"