Easter Basket Sets

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We put together a basic Easter basket, and then you can add items to it. You can get 10% off the items you purchase to have added to the basket!

Included in the First basket are: 1 Basket, tissue paper, Bubbles, 2 sidewalk chalk, Easter Stickers, Pencil with eraser, Bunny Straw, Bunny or Chick Squooshi, and Starburst Jellybeans (or Ring pop, and a egg with candy).

NEW basket OPTION. For the NEW basket, here's what's included: 1 Bubbles Bottle, 2 sidewalk chalk, 1 Easter Craft (includes a wood item to paint with a brush and a couple paints, 1 Reeses Pieces Carrot (request a substitute if your child can not have PB), 1 Mini Play Dough, 1 Hand Shovel (or rake or spade for gardening), 1 Crayola Bathtub Finger Paint Soap, 1 Easter Activity coloring pad, 1 Sugar Rush Scented Pen, and 1 Surprise Egg (for boys the egg has a monster finger puppet inside, for girls it's a mini nail polish)

Easter Activity Set includes: 1 Paint with Water book, 1 Water WOW, 1 Easter Activity Book, 1 pack (2 pk) Eco Dough, 2 sidewalk chalk, 1 bubbles bottle, and 1 Easter egg with a finger puppet inside.

Great additions to this basket would be: Tooth paste, toothbrush, Jellycat Bunny (or any Jellycat stuffed animal!), books, sunglasses, toys.