Pocket Diapers

Pocket Diapers are waterproof on the outside and have fleece (or some sort of wicking layer) on the top. They are open in the back to create a pocket where the insert/absorbent layer can be inserted into the diaper.


Pocket diapers work the best when the insert is stuffed inside the pocket (how it was mean't to be used) as opposed to laying the inserts on top. Plus, most pocket diaper inserts are made of microfiber which is not meant to go against baby's skin as the fibers can pull moisture from the skin and make it dry and irritated.


Using Pocket Diapers is very easy. Many childcare providers are happy to use these. You can have them pre-stuffed and ready to go. Easy on and easy off. Pocket diapers are great during the day and really great at night. Simply add a Thirsties Hemp Prefold to the pocket for the perfect 12+ hours of dry sleeping for your baby.  Pocket diapers can come in sized or one-size options.

 What you need to cloth diaper using Pocket Diapers: 24 Pocket Diapers

This quantity is based on washing every 3 days.