Diapering a Newborn

The Ins and Outs of Cloth Diapering a Newborn

Did you know that if you use disposable diapers on newborns for the first 2-3 months (changing 10-12 diapers a DAY!) it can cost over $200?

With cloth diapers you can spend just over $200 to get all the diapers you need to diaper a newborn...plus they can be used on multiple children (if you plan on having more kids), borrowed out to friends, or sold used for a great price. The return is awesome!

 We have used almost all of our newborn diapers with all of our 4 kids and borrowed them out to several other people to try. The added bonus (besides saving money and not throwing disposable diapers in the garbage) is that you get started using cloth right away. There's no weird transition from disposables, you are already comfortable using them, and you know what you like by the time you order a one-size diaper or the next size. There are a lot of newborn rental packages (where you buy the diapers, use them for 3 months and return them and get some money back), but for us, actually having them and being able to use them for all our kids and borrow them out was a great cost saving benefit that you just can't get with renting them!

Below we will walk you through the details of diapering a newborn, in hopes that you will have a great experience using cloth on your newborn!

Diapers that FIT newborns:

Over the last 8 years, diapering our 4 kids, we have had a chance to test out a ton (around 30!) of newborn diapers. We could not believe how many newborn diapers did not actually fit our 7.5lb babies. Almost half of the diapers we bought and tried did not fit well enough around their skinny legs to keep everything in the diaper. Do onesize diapers fit newborns? I would love to say that one-size diapers will truly fit an 8lb baby, but I have found this to not be true. Most one-size diapers are just too big and bulky, and will nearly come up to your little ones armpits so that none of their newborn clothes will fit. On average, the one-size diapers will fit the best around 2-3 months of age, around 10-13lbs, depending on your baby's size. If you want to start cloth diapering right away, then newborn diapers are the way to go! Here are the Newborn diapers that have worked the best for us:

 Newborn Rumparooz Cover These fit a 7lb baby, plus they will fit till 18lbs, which is awesome if you end up having a bit bigger baby. Great cost, fit, and leak proof!

Imagine Newborn AIO Stay Dry - H&L - Trumpet - Back Order Only Imagine All-in-one  Fit great at 7lbs and also fit long than most other newborn all-in-ones.

Thirsties Stay Dry Inserts (size One) If you want an insert that fits a newborn and is very absorbent, these are awesome.

 Looking for a great Newborn sample set? Then the Newborn Package is for you!

For the 2-3 month period before a one-size diaper will fit, we highly recommend the Newborn Set! We loved using these newborn diapers for our kids and it made for a smooth transition to the small size or one-size diaper. This newborn set has the perfect amount of diapers for washing every 2 1/2 to 3 days. With the set you will be able to try different types of diapers (covers, All-in-ones, prefolds and inserts) and brands in hopes that after the newborn phase you will know which diapers you prefer using. If you would like to order specific diapers, instead of getting the set, then stick with the recommended Newborn diaper sizes that are included in the set. All of these newborn diapers fit from 6lbs-12lbs, but again that depends on the thigh size of your baby.

Can I start cloth diapering right away?

Absolutely! You can even start in the hospital. The Thirsties Duo 1, Whisper cover, Lil Joeys, Imagine Newborn AIO, and the Bum Genius Newborn diapers will all fit under the umbilical cord. Also, the newborn poop (meconium) is not a problem, just don't let the nurses slather petroleum jelly on the baby's butt, so bring the Booty Balm for them to use. The meconium poop is sticky, but we have always used cloth during this time with no problems. There is no need to remove the meconium before washing (that will drive you crazy since it's so sticky), it's such a small amount and will wash out easily in the wash without even staining your diapers. If you are worried about having that poop in the wash, simply put a bio liner on top and then you can just flush it in the toilet. Super easy! I love using cloth at the hospital and having all the nurses and doctors oohing and aahing over the cloth cuteness:)