Covers & Prefolds or Inserts

A waterproof cover that goes over prefolds or inserts.


The traditional cloth diaper, a rectangular piece of cotton that you fold to fit in a cover. Just like the picture above. No need to pin or do special folding. When you are using a great fitting cover, the prefold will not move around and bunch up! Simply fold it in 1/3 and put it in the cover.


One piece of fabric/absorbency that goes inside a diaper cover or pocket diaper.

Using covers, Prefolds or Inserts is actually very simple, economical, and it works just as well as any other type of cloth diaper. Many parents will shy away from using covers, prefolds, and inserts because they assume that it requires complicated folding or pinning. Thankfully this is not the case. Now covers are made to fit really well and be very adjustable so no pinning or weird folding is required. When using covers, prefolds, or inserts the cost to cloth diaper can be half that of other kinds of cloth diapers. This is simply because you can reuse the cover as many times as you want until it gets soiled or soaked and only replace the insert or prefold each time the baby wets.

Covers and inserts can come in sized (newborn, small and medium) or a one-size option which snaps to adjust to 3 different sizes.

Prefolds and Inserts can come in a variety of fabric options. The most absorbent being Hemp/cotton, followed by Bamboo, Cotton, and Microfiber. Microfiber will provide you with a trimmer fit than most cotton prefolds although it is less absorbent, but the hemp and bamboo can be the best option for trimness and absorbency. 

What you need to cloth diaper using covers, prefolds or inserts: 

7 covers & 24 Prefolds or Inserts

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This quantity is based on washing every 3 days.