Cloth Diapering 101

Feeling a little overwhelmed stepping into the world of cloth diapering? Take a deep breath! You can do this. Cloth diapering shouldn't be about reading a million reviews on hundreds of kinds of cloth diapers or about getting confused by the cloth lingo.

The important thing is to get you started cloth diapering, saving money, and eliminating waste, so let's keep it simple. Here we will provide you with simple info to help you understand the cloth diapering terms and get a basic grasp on how the types of diapers work. Over the last 8 years (through cloth diapering 4 kids) we have tried over 40 different types of diapers! The diapers we sell have proven to last through at least one kid from birth to potty training, if not two. These diapers are the most reliable of the over 40 we have tried, so you can purchase them with confidence. If there's a diaper you see we don't sell, feel free to ask us about it, we will let you know why it is not found here. As always, send us any questions that pop up!

Click on a link below to learn more about each subject. After you read through this information you should have a good foundation to start from.

 Types of Diapers:                                                                       


Once you've read though the types of diapers and the cloth diapering lingo, feel free to browse our tips. Here we cover all our frequently asked questions and share tips we have learned from diapering our babes.
Diapering Tips:
All the diapers we sell, we are currently using with our kids, and were our top picks from the more than 40 different diapers that we have tried! All have proven to be worth the money (most lasting through 3 kids!) and are very reliable in every way. The diapers below are our top of the top favorites! If you are not sure which diapers to try, you can't go wrong with the diapers below. They are pretty much awesome and fit great on any baby. CLICK on the diaper to read more about our top picks.Click HERE to check out our other diapers.
                  Rumparooz Pockets             Thirsties Inserts                 Flip Covers