All-in-ones are a one piece diaper style. They are waterproof on the outside and the absorbent layer is sown to the diapers. No stuffing and no cover are needed. These are just like using a disposable diaper.  Once the diaper is dirty simply put it in the wetbag and put a clean one on. These are so simple, anyone can use them. They are especially great for baby sitters and those hesitant to try cloth diapers.

All-in-ones generally take longer to dry due to the fact that everything is sown together in one piece, but many new styles of all-in-ones have allowed for the air to move through the layers better to decrease the drying time. These are great diapers for easy changes and are especially great for getting started using cloth diapers.

Quantity needed to cloth diaper using All-in-ones: approx. 24 diapers

(based on washing your diapers every 3 days).