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Next week, on July 21st, is our store anniversary party. I have been running this business for 9 years! This picture was taken for our first website, 9 years ago, just before we started. Our oldest was 2.5 and the youngest was 6 months.  It's hard for me not to get at least a little emotional when I share about my business, as it has been a more personal ride than I thought it would be. 9 years ago I was a mom who was let go of her job when I was 9 months pregnant with our second. I...

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Guilt is a natural response that comes straight from wanting to do the very best you can for this little person that you brought into the world. Sometimes it can have a purpose. It can be a motivator to change a behavior if you feel it is negatively affecting your kids (or you). BUT guilt without compassion for yourself can be soul crushing. Finding that balance is important. 

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